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ABOUT ME: My name is Juri Estam (with two dots – an umlaut – over the u).

Juri is a classical Estonian guy’s name. Jyri would be easier and more Finnic to write, that’s how my grandfather did it. Maybe someday I’ll have it formally changed. My parents were Estonian refugees. I was raised in the West in a home where Estonian was spoken. I went to school in the US, but I’m European-born and I’ve spent most of my life in Europe. The last two decades of it have passed in Estonia.

Career-wise, I was a soldier for some years and then a radio and TV journalist focused on Baltoscandia and also the Soviet Empire, which – after bankruptcy proceedings and reorganization – has morphed into Russia and the countries that border her. The idea of Baltoscandia is a geocultural one, encompassing the countries to the immediate West, North and East of the Baltic Sea, i.e. Scandinavia, Finland and the three Baltic States. During the past ten years, I’ve been a businessperson – a strategic communications consultant and someone who’s also done voice overs for numerous films.

I like to read and am reasonably well-traveled. Rock is good, but I gravitate just as much or more to clear signature jazz like that of Miles Davis and Dexter Gordon, to blues , and to Mozart and Bach. I love languages and above all the language and culture of my little Estonia, long may she live and prosper. Nothing is more important to me than freedom, except maybe for Estonian freedom.


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