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ABOUT THIS TROVE OF WRITINGS. The objective is to bring interesting reading materials and other content about Estonia to your screen, but not only. While my Estonian identity puts a specific curve on the ball, I also like a wide-angle view. Estonia is just one chunk of God’s green earth. On the other hand, precious few people in Estonia provide news analysis and background in English, so expect to encounter current events too, plus opinion. Why news happens is usually more interesting and important than the news itself.

Typical blogs harbor a built-in danger. To only react to events is to fall into a trap of sorts, not unlike that of a gossip mill. I’ll file when I can and when it seems justified – not out of a sense that one must write regularly, even when there is little or nothing to say. This will be a warehouse of items and essays,  some of them of a topical nature, but not a knee-jerk enterprise. Plus a guy’s got to make a living, and this is just a sideline for now.

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