Professional services

Juri Estam is a communication consultant – a businessman who lives in Tallinn, Estonia. He provides the following services:

  • strategic communication *
  • business intelligence
  • professional writing
  • translating from Estonian, German, and Swedish to native English
  • documentary filmmaking and associated services (scriptwriting, marketing, pitching)
  • voice overs
  • assistance to the defense industry

Bio: Educated in the US, Juri Estam studied Broadcast Journalism, International Relations and Business at the University of Maryland and other universities.

Juri Estam has been a professional soldier, a staffer for the Estonian Service of Radio Free Europe, as well as RFE’s correspondent in English and Estonian in Scandinavia. At Estonian National Television, Juri Estam had a live prime time evening current affairs program featuring guests and commentary. During the same period, he also made a number of documentary films. He has been the Director of Radio Kuku – the largest chain of commercial radio stations in Estonia, worked as a stringer for Radio Sweden, been the Editor for Estonian Life (an English language newspaper in Tallinn), and provided freelance continuity for many publications and stations.

Juri Estam’s experience as a PR specialist spans a decade, providing services and managing projects for a number of well-known clients. He’s assisted numerous Estonian and other film companies with the storylines, English-language versions and marketing of their documentaries.

* Strategic communication: logically planned and sustained communicative activities that engage appropriately chosen target audiences, aimed at having a positive influence on the subsequent behavior of the members of those audiences. This involves the logistics and art of effective message platforms, delivery and persuasion.

Strategic also alludes to strategic vs. tactical communication. Tactical activities such as the sending of press releases are either in support of strategic plans,  or may be self-standing individual activities. Strategic communication is of a higher level of sophistication, and is predicated on working closely together with the top decision-makers of the client organization.


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